LYP Interview #3_Karin Gorny

Karin Gorny

Profession: World traveller and former top executive

Karin, born and raised in Germany, is a true global citizen. Having studied economics in Munich and worked in business as a top executive for a large international Fintech, she is exploring the world together with her husband Oliver Gorny and their vehicles „Shujaa“ (translation of „hero“ in Kiswahili“), a well equipped truck and Shujoo, a practical quad. Karin and Oliver have been traveling across South America and Africa and are planning to travel Asia and North America in the near future. Karin is in Namibia at the time of this interview. 

The following interview is loosely based on the questionnaire by Marcel Proust and was given to Quai7 by the end of September 2020.


Quai7: Why are you exploring the world? 

Karin Gorny: It’s very simple: Because of my strong curiosity.

Quai7: How does a normal „travel day“ look like?

Karin Gorny: We have a lot of every day routines.Waking up without an alarm clock, mostly with the daylight. Coffee in bed.Get up and get ready to continue (if we continue and don't stop somewhere). I.e. tidy up and put everything away so that nothing flies around while driving. Secure drawers and doors.

Driving: look out and soak up everything. Make sightseeing. Go shopping. Repair something is broken or out of order. 

Around 12 o'clock breakfast, self mixed Bircher muesli with dietary supplements (so late because of intermittent fasting, not because of dieting, more because of healthiness). 

Around 4 p.m. at the latest, and definitely when it is still light, search for a overnight place. We prefer to stand "wild" not on campgrounds, because we are actually not campers. We like to be alone in nature or with locals and we don’t need any facility of a campground.

Then the cozy part begins: Sundowner (usually a glass of wine or, on special occasions, a gin tonic) with nuts, throwing the grill on, vegetables and meat on the grill and have dinner.Often we use the natural light to live. Get up early and go to bed early.In the end it is unspectacular. The experiences outside with people and animals are the spectacular ones.

Karin Gorny and husband Oliver

Karin Gorny and husband Oliver


Quai7: What was your greatest adventure so far?

Karin Gorny: Getting stuck in a dry lagoon in Argentina. Three days and 15 times we dug up until an excavator recovered us.

Quai7: Is traveling the way you do dangerous?

Karin Gorny: No. Not for us. Maybe for others.

Quai7: Is traveling the way you do relaxing or exhausting?

Karin Gorny: Both. It is definitely not a vacation.

Quai7: What insights have you gained through travelling?

Karin Gorny: Nothing is foreign. Messages and press are very often completely exaggerated and misrepresented. 99% of the people are kind and peaceful.

Karin Gorny and her husband 

Quai7: What is your favorite country and why?

Karin Gorny: This is not possible to answer. There is no favorite, because evey country is so different and has its own amiability.



Quai7: How does it feel being back at home after a long journey?

Karin Gorny: Great. It is totally different, but also great. I value my home and homeland much more than I used to before.

Quai7: If you could travel in time, where would you go? 

Karin Gorny: ???

Quai7: What is perfect earthly happiness for you? 

Karin Gorny: Yoga in a peaceful place.

Quai7: What is your favorite pastime? 

Karin Gorny: Hiking in amazing sceneries, yoga every day, meditation with nature sounds.

Quai7: Which book is currently on your bedside table? 

Karin Gorny: The end of aging from David Sinclair and Shantaram from Gregory David Roberts.

Quai7: What qualities do you value most in other people? 

Karin Gorny: Respect, kindness, empathy, generosity

Quai7: Which mistakes are you most likely to excuse?

Karin Gorny: Small mistakes. ;-)

Quai7: Your favourite character in history and why? 

Karin Gorny: No special. There are too much good ones. Maybe Mahatma Gandhi. Nothing could distract him from his path.

Quai7: Your favourite writer?

Karin Gorny: No special. There are too much good ones.

Quai7: Your favourite composer? 

Karin Gorny: No special. There are too much good ones.

Quai7: Your present state of mind? 

Karin Gorny: Thankfulnes.

Quai7: Your motto or favourite quotation? 

Karin Gorny: I have a lot: But at the moment …There is nothing to do. Just be.

Quai7: Thanks a lot, dear Karin Gorny!


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